Intelligent Logistics helps Chinese businesses face the world


In the past 2019 Alibaba cross-border summit and large-scale selection matchmaking meeting, Zhu Feng, the head of the rookie international export business, gave a wonderful speech on the topic of “How Smart Logistics Helps Chinese Businesses Globally”.

The rookie is supported by the supply chain of the Alibaba economy. The mission is to make the world have no difficult business, and the goods that can be sold in the country can be delivered 24 hours a day across the country, and 72 hours in the world. Zhu Feng said that it took 60 to 70 days for the courier to arrive in Russia. Some sellers bought a cotton coat on the cross-border platform in the winter, until the summer coat was delivered. Now delivery to Russia, although a little far from 72 hours, but basically can achieve 80% of the delivery of 10-15 days.

Shortening the entire 70-day journey to the fastest 10 days, the rookie can achieve such a gratifying result, thanks in large part to the cross-border e-commerce parcel network service that began construction in 2014.

Cross-border sellers have the secret of second-level customs clearance

Zhu Feng said that the cost and efficiency of cross-border e-commerce parcel network services is between the commercial express delivery system and the UPU system. In this mode, it can be divided into four aspects: domestic collection network, international trunk network, regional trunk network and end network.

In the domestic collection network, the rookie joint partner has achieved a one-click start, no threshold.

As the infrastructure of the international trunk network, the first batch of ehub construction cities were announced last year, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Moscow, and Liège. The rookie connects the ehub with a trunk network, and digitizes the customs of the EWTP real destination country to achieve second-level customs clearance.

The regional trunk network, the rookie will focus on building a European regional trunk network in Europe this year.

At the end of the network, the rookie will focus on building end networks in Russia, Spain, Turkey, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions this year. Based on this network, the rookie will not only launch the rookie economic line, but also help AliExpress to create a single intelligent engine. It is expected to launch a single order in Russia, Brazil, the United States and other countries this year.

In addition to the parcel network, the rookie will focus on building a global overseas warehouse network with AliExpress this year. As long as the service provider joins the network, the operational capability must be digitized, online, and visualized to assist the merchant in making business judgments.

How to solve the seller’s overseas warehouse problem

Although cross-border e-commerce has maintained a high-speed growth trend, competition is becoming more and more fierce. The core competitiveness of the future is the allocation capability of the global supply chain. This ability is very difficult for the seller, but the rookie can empower the seller and improve the core competitiveness of the seller.

It is understood that the seller used to purchase goods on the 1688 platform, and then needs to purchase the warehouse first, and then send it through the logistics, which is a waste of time and a waste of cost. If the seller uses rookie logistics, it can be sent directly from the factory to the world, and this function is currently in the testing stage.

Sellers who do overseas warehouses are likely to cause bankruptcy if they appear to be under pressure. Based on the AliExpress overseas warehouse system and sales forecasts, the rookie helps sellers set safe stocks to avoid this phenomenon. Through the system of AliExpress and 1688, the system triggers 1688 purchase orders, and helps you pick up the goods in China, realizing the intelligent warehouse and stocking of overseas warehouses.

Zhu Feng said: “We hope to work with the front of the Ali system, AliExpress, and Lazada to truly build a global supply chain configuration capability for Chinese businesses.”

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