The code of the production enterprise for the export packaging of dangerous goods has been adjusted


A notice on the adjustment of the code of the packaging manufacturer of dangerous goods for export

In order to ensure the safety of the transportation of dangerous goods for export and strengthen the inspection and supervision of the packaging of dangerous goods for export, the enterprise code of the packaging production of dangerous goods for export is adjusted. The relevant notices are as follows:

The package of the export dangerous goods shall bear the packaging mark of the dangerous goods stipulated by the United Nations, which shall include the code of the manufacturer. The customs shall carry out code management on the packaging production enterprises of export dangerous goods, and the codes shall reflect the customs information directly under the production enterprises in their regions.

The production enterprise code is composed of a capital English letter C (for “Customs”) and six Arabic numerals. The first two Arabic numerals represent the Customs directly under the enterprise in the region (see the code list of the Customs directly under the enterprise in the attachment), and the last four Arabic numerals 0001 — 9999 represent the production enterprise. For example, in C230003, “23” stands for nanjing customs, and “0003” stands for enterprises in the customs area listed by nanjing customs with serial number 0003.

Enterprises that have obtained the code before the announcement can apply for the “inspection result sheet of packaging performance of inbound and outbound goods” according to the original code before June 30, 2019, but they need to complete the code change before June 30. From July 1, 2019, the customs will no longer accept the application for packaging performance inspection of the original code.

This announcement shall take effect as of the date of promulgation.

It is hereby announced.

The attachment is as follows:

The general administration of customs

January 10, 2019

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