Bill of Lading Data

Shipper, Consignee, Notify Party, Commodity Description, Units, Weight, TEUs, etc.

Bill of Lading data have been updated up and till 2018.
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Customs Declaration Data

Importer or Exporter, Origin or Destination, Customs or Ports, Unit, Quantity, Values, etc.

Customs Declaration data have been updated up and till 2018.
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Census Data

HS CODE, Quantity, Unit, Value, Origin or Destination, Customs or Ports, Transportation Method, etc.

Census Data have been updated up and till 2018.
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Business Directory

Accurate Contacting Information: 100% Accuracy with titles, E-mail, and direct line
Company List: captured from official website whom are participating in exhibition
Importer & Exporter List : published by local customs

Analysis Report
Target Market:
  • Commodity/Country
  • Commodity/Country/Customs or Ports
  • Commodity/Country/Trade Method
  • Commodity/Country/Transportation Method
  • Commodity/Country/Enterprise Nature
  • Commodity/Country/Place of Receipt or Departure
Trade Method:
  • Commodity/Trade Method
  • Commodity/Trade Method/Country
  • Commodity/Country/Trade Method
Transportation Method:
  • Commodity/Transportation Method
  • Commodity/Transportation Method/Country
  • Commodity/Transportation Method/Customs
Enterprise Nature:
  • Commodity/Enterprise Nature
  • Commodity/Enterprise Nature/Transportation Method
Customs or Ports:
  • Commodity/Customs or Ports
  • Commodity/Customs or Ports/Country
  • Commodity/Customs or Ports/Transportation Method
  • Commodity/Customs or Ports/Enterprise Nature
  • Commodity/Customs or Ports/Trade Method
  • Commodity/Customs or Ports/Place of Receipt or Departure
Place of Receipt or Departure:
  • Commodity/Place of Receipt or Departure/Country
  • Commodity/Place of Receipt or Departure/Customs or Ports
  • Commodity/Place of Receipt or Departure/Trade Method
  • Commodity
    Enterprise Ranking
  • Commodity
    Enterprise Ranking
  • Commodity
    Transportation Method
    Enterprise Ranking
  • Commodity
    Enterprise Nature
    Enterprise Ranking
  • Commodity
    Customs or Ports
    Enterprise Ranking
  • Commodity
    Trade Method
    Enterprise Ranking
  • Commodity
    Place of Receipt or Departure
    Enterprise Ranking
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